Visiting Teaching Message September 2017- Of One Heart


This month’s visiting teaching message focused on unity. As I read the message I kept thinking how being a visiting teacher is the perfect example of being of one heart. Every month we get to know the women around us and become closer to them. By sharing our testimonies with those around us we are becoming of one heart.


Click -here-  for the Visiting Teaching message for September.

Use this printable to help yourself and those you visit to remember how blessed we are to work together.

Click on the link to download the printables. Click -Here- 



7 Day Workout


Happy New years! I have been out of shape for quite a few months. So I am using the new year as a segway to get back in shape. There are millions of apps to help you get in shape, and I’ve used almost all of them a few of them. I have one problem with apps though, working out with an app is hard when you have kids. If my phone is on the floor it will be stolen within seconds.

I decided to make a mini binder for work outs. I love that they are small and adorable. I printed out the work out and placed it in page protectors in the binder. I can easily leave the binder open and have a quick reference to what the day’s work out is.

Each day has a fun fitness quote.

push yourself.jpg

I wanted to share with you my workouts so you can get in shape this year.  I have created seven different pages of workout you can do at home. I used Fit Girls Guide‘s app to help me with these printables. These are all things you can do at home with no fancy equipment. Each day has about five different exercises. You can do as many sets as you wish. I do anywhere from one to three depending on the day.


Click here to  print the 7 Day Workout. Cut each page in half and place in a cute mini binder.

Let me know what kind of workout printable you want next! We can build our binders together.